11 Signs That Shows Strong Chemistry Between Two People

11 Signs That Shows Strong Chemistry Between Two People

There are a plethora of things that take place when two people meet, and a lot more play decide whether the two strangers will be compatible and somehow build an emotional chemistry. All these boils down to the raging hormones which most often are too excited at the thought of getting to know another individual; But what really determines whether two strange individuals will hit it off at the first instance?. Here are 11 signs that might just come in handy when you are trying to judge the course of your new found companionship.

#1 Having similar interests

While science says opposite attracts, common sense says otherwise. Come to think of it, when two people have a common interest, they will always have something to talk about without jeopardizing the happiness of each other. Take it this way, could you like to be stuck in a discussion with someone on a topic you don’t know and like?

#2 Great sense of sarcasm

There is no better feeling than finding someone who understands and enjoys your jokes. Basically, it is enjoyed when both parties partake in it while conversing. if two people share the same sense of sarcasm, their chances of hitting it off nicely are exponential.

#3 Respect for each other

No relationship will work if one of the parties feels as if they are not significant and valued. There should be mutual understanding and respect for personal boundaries for everything to work out smoothly since we are all unique in our own ways.

#4 Reflecting each other personalities

Nature dictates that people tend to imitate those individuals they admire. So it’s a definite yes if your new found partner has copied some of your mannerisms. It just goes on to show the great sense of admiration they have for you. Such signs are usually seen via body signals, after all, who doesn’t want to be admired?

#5 Knowing the itsy bitsy tips about you

When people really like someone, they pay attention to the little details about you most often ignored. These little things mean a lot when you know that someone cares enough to notice itsy bitsy details about you. They pay attention to the finest details of the things that make you, you. Imagine sharing jokes that only the two of you understand and being completely aloof in your own world.

#6 The great silence

Not the silent treatment though. The kind of silence that both of you are enjoying knowing that you are comfortable with the presence of each other. Words can’t explain the joy that comes with that.

#7 Being yourself

No one is really perfect, but faking oneself to gain approval is way off track to start a good relationship. People, who share chemistry, don’t see the need to try so hard to amuse each other as they know they are loved just as they are.

#8 Time Flies

It is quite interesting how time suddenly grows wings in the presence of someone you really like. Their company seems too enticing that you can’t simply get enough of them. If someone admits that they lose track of time in your company, which is a definite green light for you.

#9 Each invests equally

When two people are interested in each other’s company, then they automatically invest their time and efforts to make it work. No pressure or obligations, they find themselves doing it.

#10 Physical contact

It takes time to be comfortable with a person until physical contact becomes a norm. if touching each other’s arms and gentle nudges on the back is part and parcel of your communication then you are doing great. However, both parties must be comfortable with contacts, to ensure it is well appreciated rather than embarrassing.

#11 Intimate signs

Two people with really great chemistry create their own little world where they don’t shy from showing their affection or each other. These might be hugs, stealing kisses or gentle pecks that don’t have any ulterior motive, just showing that they are beyond the touch barrier and feel great in each other’s company. By keeping the passion burning and making their partner feel desired, they manage to keep the relationship fire burning much longer.