Lil Wayne’s Daughter Reginae Is Reportedly Pregnant By A Well Known Rapper (Details Inside)

Lil Wayne’s Daughter Reginae Is Reportedly Pregnant By A Well Known Rapper (Details Inside)

Lil’ Wayne might be a LIL’ UPSET about this latest news: his 19-year-old daughter is reportedly PREGNANT and you won’t believe who the father is. Want a hint: he’s a PRETTY well-known rapper himself…


Yup, it looks like Lil’ Wayne’s daughter – Reginae Carter – is currently knocked up by a famous rapper almost 10 YEARS OLDER THAN HER. AND he already has two kids of his own: a daughter named Sarah and a daughter named Melanie!


The likely baby daddy’s name is YFN Lucci and he’s been in the rap game since he was 16. At 27, he is nearly a decade older than Lil’ Wayne’s daugher Reginae. Some folks are questioning YFN Lucci’s fitness as a parent as he recently posted video of him driving around with his two young daughters in NO booster seats – just barely seatbelted in to his ride.


In the video, you can see YFN Lucci singing along to an explicit song on the radio, stuntin’ his watch, and waving his phone around all while the safety of his two little girls’ lives hangs in the balance. Not exactly the type of behavior you want to see from a father-to-be…


Apparently, some friends warned Reginae to stay away from YFN Lucci and maybe Lil’ Wayne had the same impression of him. One source even said to her: “Hood boyfriends are the best they said. When are these young girls gonna learn? This is Not how college goes….. I pray its a misunderstanding no one needs or deserve jail. This isn’t gonna end well this reckless lifestyle young free and in love…Don’t we all know this stage????”


YIKES. Usually new parenthood is met by celebration but it looks like Lil’ Wayne may not be buying it and is possibly FURIOUS at his daughter for getting involved with this man – who already has a family of his own. Do ya’ll think Lil’ Wayne is being too hard on his daughter?


Those protective daddy instincts may serve him well for Reginae – especially considering she’s still a teenager. She’s even had a fairly successful music career of her own so far in the group OMG. Could she be throwing it all away for young motherhood???!


To add MORE DRAMA to this latest bombshell, Reginae and YFN Lucci were recently taken into police custody for possible ties to a shooting and fight breakout while the two were in Tennessee. PHEW, and they about to have a baby together, ya’ll!!!


YFN Lucci is full-time in the music game and even scored a hit with Rick Ross entitled “Heartless.” Reginae, however, is currently a SOPHOMORE at college – Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia to be exact. This potential baby likely won’t leave much time for her studies, NAHMEEN?!


Do ya’ll think she’s messin’ up her life at too young of an age? OR IS PEOPLE GON’ TALK N THROW SHADE NO MATTER WHAT?? SHOULD WE JUST BE HAPPY FOR THE GIRL N TRUST THAT WEEZY GON’ HELP TAKE CARE OF THE BABY N THEIR FUTURE? With Lil’ Wayne’s well-publicized financial troubles related to Cash Money, this may get messy…