Footage Surfaces Of Snoop Dogg Getting Caught Cheating On His Wife Shante With Insta Thot (Pics & Video)

Footage Surfaces Of Snoop Dogg Getting Caught Cheating On His Wife Shante With Insta Thot (Pics & Video)

Snoop Dogg is a legend. A rap icon and cannabis aficionado, Snoop’s proven himself to be a multi-faceted entrepreneur. But being good at music and making money doesn’t make anyone immune to poor decision making.


Enter Celina Powell, a self-described “insta-thot” who needs to write a book about entrapping men since she’s also been nicknamed “the black widow.” Now she’s gotten Snoop trapped in her web. Will he be able to get out unharmed?


It’s clear that good looks and sex appeal are part of Celina’s brand. She’s made her instagram private but photos prove she’s a glamorous woman with a great figure

Her tattoos and sexy clothes also enhance her image as a naughty femme fatale. She’s got the track record with famous men to back up the claims, too.


While Snoop is the most famous man she’s seduced, he’s not the first. Last year Celina created a scandal when she claimed rapper Offset had gotten her pregnant.

She later admitted to outright lying as she wasn’t even pregnant. Offset has since thanked his lucky stars and married the far more successful insta-thot Cardi B. The two even just had a daughter together.


Given the kind of drama she creates, people on Twitter are amazed that 1. men keep falling for her and 2. that no one’s taken her out. While she lied about Offset, screenshots of texts show she is telling the truth about Snoop.

Part of being a sidechick is… being put to the side when family is involved. But dating Celina is like playing with fire: exciting but dangerous.


Seems Celina got mad about being put on the back burner or maybe just wanted more attention online so she posted screenshots of their clandestine texts. She even shared images of plane tickets he’d bought her so they could hook up.


Now that Snoop’s wife stopped following him on social media, are the longtime married couple calling it quits? Let us know in the comments if you think Snoop will just go for it now or will he drop the affair like it’s hot?