Fun Test: The Gender Or Shape You See First Reveals Your Personality

The very first thing you notice on the picture below will reveal your true personality. A lot can be said for a person based on the things they notice first on certain pictures.

An Automobile:

If the first thing that your eye catches on this picture is the automobile, it reveals your true attention to details. Noticing the automobile as the smallest detail on the picture reveals that you are great individual who can handle things in his own way. Anyway, it would be even better if you focus a little bit more on seeing the big picture.

A Man Looking Through Field-Glasses:

Your ability to see this one, clearly says that you can perceive big pictures while missing out on the small things. Missing out the small things can cause you great deal of troubles, as people say: “They devil is in the details”. Also, this says that you can collect analyze and process information a lot quicker, allowing you to solve any advert situation more efficiently.

Capital “A”:

The capital “A” may not be the smallest detail in this picture, but sure as hell it is the most difficult one to see first. If your eye sees the letter A first, it means that you can see things that most people can dream of seeing. Your ability to notice things that 98% of the people can’t, will help you countless times in almost every situation.

A Woman:

If you are woman and a woman is the first thing you notice, you should be getting ready for things to go down your way. It also means you are hopeful and individual person, confident and your heart is full with love. Oppositely, if you are a man and you first notice a women, it can both mean your heart is full with their love, or it has been broken by one woman. It can also suggest that you will experience success on certain fields in your life.

A Man:

If you’re woman and you notice man on the picture, it reveals your need of one. Also, it reveals that your love life is about to be taken to another, much better level. It is very natural if your mind is occupied with men, as men and women both desperately need each other.

On the contrary, if you’re a man and it is a man your eye see first, it means you either have good friends near you, or you just simply are in desperate need of one. However, it is signifying that you should always take care of yourself and the people around you.



Identifying this wild beast as you lay your eyes upon the picture explains your ability to deal with great adversity in life. Anyway, your way of seeing the negative things first can be a double-edged sword, bringing you both benefits and harms.


If we take account of the fact that the ship is very hard to notice it at first, seeing the ship will reveal your creative nature, and your ability to think outside the box allowing you to solve almost any problem.

An Elderly Man

It this is the thing you notice first here it says you used your right hemisphere of the brain. Using the right side means that you are a very emotional person, you prefer to express your creativity, you also have a wild imagination and your intuition will never betray you.